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About Me

Foto: Florian Maur Fotografie

Grown up in the rural countryside of Austria's most Southern region Carinthia I always loved animals, especially horses and dogs. As I did not own a camera when I was little I captured what I saw with a pencil on paper - in painted or written form.  Somehow I always loved being creative. Years later my grandpa bought me my first camera - but I guess like most kids coming from a non-photography-enthusiastic family I did more snapshots than taking serious photographs. In 2004 I bought my first digital camera but I realised pretty quick that this wasn't exactly what I wanted. So I started to use my dad's camera until I finally bought me my first DSLR in 2009. Ever since my camera accompanies me on my journey through life. I started off - how else should it have been - with taking photographs of horses and dogs, went over to landscapes, first just around home, but then also in foreign countries and on other continents. Until I started to take photographs of a couple of friends every now and then. Then I discovered how much it means to me to capture emotions and feelings - within faces, between people, etc.  - and then I knew: This is exactly what I like to do:

Eternalizing (your) precious moments in pictures.

Foto: Florian Maur Fotografie

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